So what’s PocketLion? PocketLion is a native universal 3rd-party iOS client app for PocketSmith, an online financial tool for tracking bank and credit card transactions, budgets, cash flow.

PocketLion uses native APIs provided by PocketSmith to interact with your profile, account and transaction data on your iOS devices. PocketLion allows access your financial data on-the-go, fully edit your transactions, perform splits, assign categories and labels, view trends and budgets.logo_pl_round

Watch this short video demo of PocketLion

In order to sign in to PocketLion either a free or a paid subscription for PocketSmith is needed.

30 thoughts on “Welcome to PocketLion

  1. Brian Hardy says:

    The cash flow report doesn’t allow you to view the future….it should. I couldn’t care less as to where I’ve been. Much more interested I knowing where I’m headed. The ps site allows years in the future so the information is there, just needs to be integrated into the app. Would also be nice to have access to the calendar feature as the ps site doesn’t do well in iPhone Safari. Make those changes and it would be a home run!

    1. gabor says:

      Hi Brian. Thank you for your feedback. The future cashflow in PocketSmith only shows you what would happen in your budgets.
      This can be useful as well I will see if the API supports providing this data.

    1. gabor says:

      Hi Peter. Poscketsmith currently does not expose the shared accounts functionality via their API unfortunately. I’ve asked for this a while ago because another PocketLion user was interested as well.
      There was no timeline given as to when this may become available.
      I will follow up again.

  2. rora002 says:

    I love the app, although I find in the last 6 months that the app does not maintain a connection with Pocketsmith; I need to re-enter my details each time I open pocket lion. More recently, I am having issues where all I see is a blank screen, so the app had become completely unusable. Any updates in the near future?

    1. gabor says:

      Thanks for reporting this. I haven’t personally experienced this. PocketLion always reconnects for me at least except maybe once or twice a month. The refresh token is valid for a week as far as I know and as long as you use it once or twice a week it should not ask you for the password.
      How often do you use the app?
      Do you kill it from the multitasking screen or let it run in the background?

  3. Jess says:

    I’m wondering if you have plans to expand the app for the android network? My husband has a Samsung phone and it would be useful if he too could access Pocketlion.


    1. gabor says:

      Hi Jess. I was planning on making an android version but didn’t get around to it. So unfortunately nothing immediately coming up.

  4. Russell Goodbrand says:

    Hi there. I am having trouble opening the app, I log in with my PIN or finger print and just get a blank screen on my iPhone. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but the problem remains. Any help would be useful. Great app but haven’t used it in a while for this reason.

    1. gabor says:

      Hi Russel. Are you able to login to the pocketsmith web site with your username and password?
      What colour is the blank screen?
      Can you swipe from the left edge to reveal the menu?
      Sorry this stopped working. We will try to figure it out.

      1. Russell Goodbrand says:

        Ah hah. Swiped from the left of the screen as you suggested and all was revealed. Managed to log in and it’s working fine now. Thanks for the prompt response. Sorry I didn’t contact you sooner.

  5. John says:

    Are there any updates planned soon? Seems that there were some rather continuous updates then nothing for a while now. I’m hoping that means there are some new enhancements coming!

    PocketLion is really great, I’m really liking the functionality.

    P.S. if you’re looking for beta testers I would be happy to help. Also, would be happy to pay more for the app to support continued development, if that would help.

    1. gabor says:

      Hi John,

      Thank you for the kind words. Yes, there are a few fixes and updates that were ready since early August but I had no time to thoroughly test due to day-time-job commitments. I can definitely add you to the beta tester group, just send me your AppleID email address to

  6. Marco Kummer says:

    Hi, PocketLion is an awesome app, thank you so much! I only have two feature requests which would make life A LOT easier for me (and I think for others too):

    – In the budget view, please indent the sub-categories, so that I get a tree-like view as in PocketSmith

    – Also in the budget view, please please please add the possibility to define the date range of the summary, not just the current month. Here’s why: When I’m on the road I need to know how much more I can spend on a certain budget, right? So when I have a clothing budget of $100 per month and I didn’t spend much the last few months, then I need to be able to account for that. It doesn’t help me if I see $100 for March, even though in Jan & Feb I didn’t spend any money in that category. Instead, I’d like to see the range Jan through March and then see $300 available. I hope you get the idead.


    1. gabor says:

      Hi Marco.
      Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll need to investigate the range for budget idea, it makes sense in terms of usability I just need to figure out if PocketSmith can support that.

  7. Shaun says:

    Hey gabor. Can you please tell me, is it possible to enter cash transactions in PocketLion, in different currencies (like you can with Toshl). This is a very useful feature for travellers who are trying to follow a budget!

    1. gabor says:

      Hi Shaun,
      You cannot right now, but this is a very cool idea!
      Let’s explore it.
      Since an account has one assigned currency, would you suggest to auto-convert it to the account’s currency after entry?

  8. Shaun Moss says:

    You could do it that way, but what might work better would be to have a separate cash account for each currency. Then when you exchange currencies, it’s like a transfer between them.

  9. Chris G says:


    Just got the app abd PocketSmith and loving both so far. Been working on my categories listing so that I can settle on what works best. However, the app doesn’t seem to allow me to nest a category under a parent even though the functionality appears to be there. I click on “None” under parent but it won’t allow me to edit and select a parent. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

    1. gabor says:

      Thanks Chris. Yeah the app doesn’t allow adjusting the category hierarchy from within the app, I still need to add that, will try to do that soon.
      For now the only workaround is to do this via the PocketSmith web site.

  10. Matthew says:

    Thanks for kind response : I was conscious I might have been a mite snarky on the App Store when really I am enjoying PocketLion’s cleaner layout offering the highlights of the PocketSmith parent.

    My suggestion is to have the last 30 days summarised (or indeed any period) with totals. Say it is October 7 today, then the app could total all transactions from September 8 and present them in categories… the PocketSmith iOS app has them with a pie chart. Once October 8 rolls in, then the date floats to be from September 9.

    What could be amazing is the opportunity to set a custom date range (I use the last 365/66 days, but I guess the 12-month cashflow report already does the job). I have suggested/requested this at PocketSmith for their iOS app but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

    1. gabor says:

      Hi Matthew.

      Thanks for this suggestion. It would be pretty easy to add custom or rolling date ranges.
      I’ll add this to the release I’m preparing for iOS 14 updates.

      Thanks for your support!!!

  11. Christo says:

    Hey Gabor

    The app looks awesome and I really want to buy it. I was just wondering if it is possible to add a custom date range for the budget? Not just from the first to last day of the calendar month. My month actually starts on the 25th of each month.

    Thanks a lot!

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