When launching PocketLion for the first time you will establish a connection with PocketSmith.

PocketLion presents a web view into the native PocketSmith mobile login page where you need to enter your PocketSmith account name and password and tap the green Sign In button.


If the credentials are correct a second screen will be shown asking you to grant the PocketLion app on your iOS device access to your PocketSmith account. Please tap on the green Approve button.

Simulator Screen Shot Jul 28, 2016, 11.22.41 PM
Grant Access

And that is it, your are connected and ready to work with your accounts.

Please note that PocketLion has no knowledge of your login credentials: you are signing in directly to the PocketSmith mobile portal and we use the OAuth2 protocol to maintain a secured connection.

5 thoughts on “Sign In

  1. David Lennon says:

    On opening the app I get a blank screen with a blank blue bar at the top. No obvious solution on the pocketlion website. A response would be appreciated.

    1. gabor says:

      Hi David. Sorry about the late reply.
      Can you swipe from the left edge of the screen to reveal the side menu? I’m looking if you can access the log out option.

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